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Snap Happy: Vintage camera sale delights cancer charity

Snap Happy: Vintage camera sale delights cancer charity

Think charity shops are all tarnished pearls, 80s shoulder pads and oversized cardigans?

Well think again, as CLAN Cancer Support have proved they are more than just a jumble of clothing and cuddly toys, thanks to a window display of vintage cameras that enticed photography enthusiasts from across the city to the Rosemount store on Tuesday.

Graphic designers WLD WLVS were the first to hit social media to spread the word to snap happy shoppers, sharing the images above and below. Soon after, senior shop manager Lorna Gates was inundated with people stopping to check out the enticing window display.


"We get cameras donated all the time and we had saved them all up because the best way to bring in lots of money for the charity is by putting it all on display," she explained.

"We had everything. Olympus, Pentax, Polaroid cameras, little digital cameras; things from right across the board.

"We had vintage binoculars and collectors’ items, all which are all just part of the everyday donations."

Local photographer Sid Scott also headed down to the shop and took this picture of the spectacular sale that is all in the name of charity.


Lorna added: "We’ve had so many people in, a lot who said they didn't realise that we did stuff like this when in actual fact, we do all the time.

"We've had loads of photography students in too. Obviously a lot of the good stuff has gone now, but we do have a few good lenses left. In total, we have about 30 pieces left of the display."

So if you fancy grabbing yourself a photography bargain whilst raising money for CLAN, you know where to go.

CLAN is on 117 Rosemount Place and is open from 10am until 4pm on weekdays and Saturdays from 10am until 1pm.

Did you manage to snap up a bargain at CLAN on Tuesday? Let us know at @STVAberdeen or over on our Facebook page.

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